A Business & Enterprise firewall

Supercharge enterprise security with Audra's iron-clad AI

Security and productivity controls for SMBs, in just 1-tap

Firewall made simple for the SMBs. Guard against online threats and maximize productivity, from a simple mobile app

Secure and control office network from mobile app
None can make business firewall this simple. Safeguard office from cyber-attacks. Set IT policies like a pro. Control anytime, anywhere. Just in few taps


Zero-touch set-up

Follow simple instructions. Or get support from Audra's partner. Install in a flash. Download the app. Register. And you are ready


Optimum connectivity

Use two internet connections at the same time, with intelligent WAN redundancy. When both are live, enjoy load balancing for optimum speed


Cyber-threat prevention

Like a robust firewall, make sure your office is protected from known and unknown cyberattacks, malwares, and many more


Data & privacy protection

Protect your valuable business data and connected devices. Safeguard your privacy. In just a few clicks, shield all those are important


IT policy setting for work

Block unwanted sites and apps for your employees. Help them focus on work. Make schedules and optimize productivity


IT professionals consider security threats as the major challenge


companies are affected by threats posed by employees themselves


IT experts identify branch-connectivity as a key obstacle


infra managers find network management as a tough hurdle
Putting the power back to you for enterprise security
Leave all your cyber-security worries to Audra Enterprise. Converging enhanced networking and robust firewalling, you are in-charge of your security ecosystem
FAQ for SMBs

Of course, you do. Typical firewalls are complicated and expensive for sure. But Audra has a simple design with enterprise-grade IT security. In just one tap, you can secure your business from almost all sorts of online threats like DDoS attacks, adware, malware & hacking. No IT security knowledge is required. It's that simple.

Audra Partners will complete the entire setup for you. Once set up, you only need the app to operate. All other matters - leave it to Audra and its partners. You just focus on your business, leave all your IT security concerns to us.

You don't need to pay for the device; it's free with the subscription. And it comes with an unlimited warranty. Audra/Audra Partners will immediately replace your device if any technical fault arises; that too in completely zero charges. IT security of your business is our primary concern.

Audra's machine learning and artificial intelligence work 24x7. Audra's team of security experts, programmers, behaviour analysts and data scientists are constantly keeping an eye on every possible IT security threats out there. Besides, Audra is synced with Audra cloud that helps to add harmful sites to your blocked lists automatically.

Of course. You can get multiple Audra under the same subscription and manage from a single app. Or, if your offices need to be connected with SD-WAN over a secure VPN, Audra has other solutions to match those needs.

Supercharge enterprise security with Audra's iron-clad AI

Seamless detection and prevention, coupled with enhanced networking and policy settings. Centralized, cloud-controlled

Putting the power back to you for enterprise security
Leave all your cyber-security worries to Audra Enterprise. Converging enhanced networking and robust firewalling, you are in-charge of your security ecosystem


Cloud-based console

Audra's cloud console orchestrates and delivers policy and setting configurations across all gateway appliances


Advanced networking

Supports VLAN with 802.1Q, static and dynamic routing including OSPF, EBGP and IBGP - allowing optimal flexibility for the administrator


Secured VPN tunneling

IPsec site-to-site secured VPN for business-critical information exchange, resource sharing and centralized management


Robust web-filtering

Powerful web-filtering technique, equipped with cloud AI - ensuring security and control to protect the network from advanced threats


Malware & attack defense

Malware blocking and DDoS attack prevention mechanisms based on machine learning and AI-driven solutions


Stateful firewall

Maximum security and confidentiality of enterprise data and resources via stateful firewall features of Audra


DNS security

Seamless declaration of valid interfaces to receive DNS queries and protection from DNS spoofing and bogus DNS queries


Policy-based routing

Enabling flexible packet routing based on specified policies, for traffic flows such as priority traffic over a high-cost link


BW and QoS management

Group-wise bandwidth and port-based application QoS management, to support productivity and priority services

FAQ for Enterprises

The cloud console of Audra Enterprise is amazing. Just forget the traditional web admin UI panel. Audra offers a fully cloud-based web UI console to efficiently manage your network. With the console, you can access and apply rules through your Audra Enterprise gateway from anywhere. Besides, the cloud console gives you an easy and intuitive management system instead of CLI or portal system

Yes, of course. With advanced interface management, you can configure your interfaces as you want. It gives you the user-defined facilities to create a network and manage interfaces.

Audra Enterprise is enabled with both static and dynamic routing protocols of BGP and OSPF. Besides, with Audra Enterprise, you can do policy-based routing (PBR). PBR enables flexible packet routing based on specified policies for traffic flows such as priority traffic over a high-cost link.

Audra Enterprise is equipped with IKEv1 and IKEv2 IPSec site-to-site VPN with all common protocols. Audra supports standard encryption and authentication algorithms to establish encrypted tunnels between branches. These protocols include 3DES, AES,AES256, MD5, SHA, SHA1, SHA256 and others. So, from Audra Enterprise, you can create a site-to-site tunnel with others vendors that supports all the standard IPsec VPNs.

Definitely, it can. Audra Enterprise gateway comes with 1U chassis with modularity that offers high flexibility and availability to upgrade. Besides, the Audra Enterprise gateway device appliance is architectured in two layers. The first one is Control Plane and the second one is Data Plane; both of them account for optimized performance.

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