Security Solutions in UAE

Infrassure unleashes the value of your security solutions in UAE to achieve business objectives. We use it to determine which solution we offer is ideal for you. SECURITY PRODUCTS FOR BUSINESSES: Access Control System: Your existing access control system should work seamlessly with our access control system. Advanced security solutions are provided with the help … Read more

Enterprise Service Management in UAE

Enterprise Service Management is sometimes called a “decade-old fresh trend” for good reason.  Its management software (ITSM) has long been regarded as a staple of the service desk, and it has revolutionized the way IT departments work. Service management software enables seamless communications between the customer (usually an employee of a company) and the service … Read more

Network Services in UAE

The use of computers and computerized systems enables humans to perform their duties efficiently and to accomplish the unthinkable. Multiple capabilities are enhanced when these devices are connected to form a network.  Directory Services: Accounting – Several users have their usernames and passwords assigned to them in an organization. Authentication and Authorization – A user’s … Read more

Big Data Analytics in UAE

Data scientists may access any organization’s data for analysis using cloud computing. To make predictions and forecast potential problems, this is essential. Cloud solutions allow users to manage large amounts of data remotely with open-source big data tools.   Organizations may also turn to cloud services for: Communication, from email calendars to messenger services and … Read more

Cloud Services in UAE

The benefits of cloud services rely on the industry, several enterprises can use the cloud within the following applications: Managing spikes with scalability Client relationship management Backup and recovery     Benefits of cloud services: Enterprises will reap the advantages of higher efficiency with cloud services, which allow for: Higher Speeds: associate intelligent code just … Read more

IT Consultancy in UAE

As one of the leading data technology consulting corporations, delivers tailored IT practice services and business IT support to organizations of any size. we can easily lead your organization forward with extremely effective IT ways and implement innovative solutions with our IT practice services.   IT Consulting Services We Provide Include: IT Assessments:  Our data … Read more

Wireless Solutions in UAE

In addition to their antiquated architectures, traditional wireless LAN solutions fail to give enterprises the scale, reliability, and agility they require today. InfraAssure solves this with a revolutionary approach to wireless access that leverages AI-driven automation and insight, coupled with the agility and reliability of a micro services cloud to deliver optimized experiences and simplified … Read more

Managed & Maintenance Services in UAE

InfraAssure one of the core strengths is technical expertise in its Managed and Maintenance services. We provide onsite and remote support within the designated times as per our service level agreements with our customers. All equipment will undergo quarterly preventive maintenance.   Why do you need Managed Maintenance? You probably have a wide range of … Read more

Computing & Storage in UAE

From personal computing and enterprise power to mission-critical systems, computers and data storage have moved into the heart of everything we do today. Consequently, demand for these applications is increasing every day. Using our computing and data storage solutions, we can significantly reduce operating costs and annual kilowatt-hour consumption without sacrificing performance.   High-performance computing … Read more