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Network Services in UAE

The use of computers and computerized systems enables humans to perform their duties efficiently and to accomplish the unthinkable. Multiple capabilities are enhanced when these devices are connected to form a network.  Directory Services:

    1. Accounting - Several users have their usernames and passwords assigned to them in an organization.
    2. Authentication and Authorization - A user's credentials are checked at login and/or periodically throughout the session.
    3. Domain Name Services - DNS is widely used and one of the essential services on which the internet works.
  1. File Services:
    1. File Sharing - One of the reasons which gave birth to networking was file sharing. File sharing allows users to share their data with other users.
    2. File Transfer - This is the process of copying and moving files from one computer to another computer or to multiple computers using a network.
  1. Communication Services:
    1. Email - The basis of today's internet services. Each email system has at least one email server.
    2. Social Networking - Modern technology has increased social interaction.
    3. Internet Chat - Instant text communication between two parties over the Internet.
    4. Discussion Boards - Discussion boards provide a mechanism to connect multiple people with the same interests.
    5. Remote Access - This service enables users to access the data residing on the remote computer.
  1. Application Services:
    1. Resource Sharing - To use resources efficiently and economically, a network provides a means to share them. This may include Servers, Printers, and Storage Media, etc.
    2. Databases - one of the most important application services.
    3. Web Services - World Wide Web has become the synonym for the internet.

September 6, 2021, 3:12 am

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